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The Mosaic of the Multi-Ethnic Church – Part 1

For decade upon decade in American history Sunday mornings have been the most segregated time in our land. In recent decades we have seen the racial integration of our workplaces, neighborhoods, and schools; yet local churches remain largely segregated. Why?

This is an important question that has been ignored by far too many people that proclaim with their lips that God loves everyone, yet act as this shouldn’t impact their lives.

Mark DeYmaz is pastor of the Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas and cofounder of the Mosaix Global Network. He is also becoming increasingly known for his willingness to challenge Christians to allow their views and actions to be aligned with Scripture.

This post is the first of four that highlight core teachings presented by Mark DeYmaz in his book, Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church. Multi-ethnic churches are not primarily focused on racial reconciliation, rather they are passionate out seeing people reconciled to Jesus Christ and then reconciling local congregations of faith with the inclusive nature of the New Testament Church.