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A New Church Launching September 2019

3 Ways to Help us Launch


We are seeking committed prayer warriors who will commit to praying for us as we work toward starting a new life-giving church in Woodward.


We can’t launch Ascent church alone. In fact we are praying for 75 people to help us launch Ascent church. You might feel called to move to Woodward to assist us in planting Ascent or maybe just help us with some of our outreach events. No matter how you decide to help, we are grateful for your generous heart and are excited to serve alongside you!


We would love for you to invest in Ascent Church by becoming a monthly partner or with a one-time gift. It takes a large amount of money to launch a church, but we know that doesnt scare God. We are confident God will stir the hearts of many to give towards Ascent Church, because the people of Woodward matter to us, and they matter to God.

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