Are we a church? Maybe.

In many ways we desire to be more like a movement than a church.

We care deeply about bringing honor to Jesus. This motivates us to not be limited by ethnic or geographic boundaries, because we believe that Jesus loves all people in all places.

We model ourselves after the early church which was also a movement that changed the world in it’s day.

While we are making plans to launch a new church in the Minneapolis / St.Paul metro area, this is not what we are most passionate about. We are even more interested in encouraging and blessing other congregations and ministries that value biblical truth, desire to honor Jesus, and love transforming lives.

We are very concerned that we get our DNA right. At our very core we long to care are about what Jesus cares about. We dream about bringing honor to him and his kingdom. We celebrate what Jesus is already doing to impact lives in the Twin Cities and beyond through existing churches and ministries. We don't want it to be about us, but to be about Jesus and the kingdom he has established. The adventure comes as day by day we choose to value and submit to his call and leadership.

Right now we are praying and waiting for God to expand our team in the Twin Cities area with people that have similar passions….maybe this will include you.

We would love to hear from you!

The Team @ Ascent Church


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